IMPORTANT NOTE:  If the game doesn't work, please refresh your browser. And if it still doesn't open,  please use Google Chrome. If you are using Apple, please use Safari or Chrome. Worst come, if the problem still exists - download the game below! 

Made for Jamming the curve Game jam. Lab Hero is a simple 2D based arcade style managing game.  Where you play as Emma and have to find a vaccine, while trying to follow protocols and do mini tasks.  The game lets you experiences different circumstances and educates you on different factors of covid and the pandemic.  

Made by David Johnsen and Steven Pinto (ManaBreak Studio)
Special thanks to Katherine Tole for voicing Emma. And playtesting! 

Install instructions

Download the file and open Lab Hero .exe 
Play and enjoy!


Lab Hero (Windows Build 64 Bit)


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Q: How many stages are there?

A: 3 Stages total

Q: What if nothing seems to be happening? Only baby crying.

A: Try going outside to find more patients... Or you have sadly encountered a end block bug (x_x) RESTART!

Q: Can you play the game without any bugs? 
A: Yes! Just try to have minimum failures and you will reach the end!